You probably don’t consider airport security when you’re picking out your perfect travel outfit, however, you probably should. You don’t want to be the person who holds everyone up, and you certainly don’t want to delay yourself any longer.

11 Things to Never Wear through Airport Security

Here are the 11 things we think you should avoid wearing when you go through airport security.

Any shoe that you cannot quickly take on and off

Lace up shoes, buckle shoes, button shoes, giant boots with lots of laces, shoes with Velcro will all add time to your jaunt through security. Some lace up shoes are okay, as long as you can stuff your foot in and out of them without having to undo and redo the laces, but slip-ons are the way to go when travelling.


That being said, the easiest shoe to take off, sandals, are not a good option. Not only is it unsanitary for you, walking on a dirty airport floor, but no one wants to see other people’s feet. Wear shoes that require socks, please. Consider it a public service.

A metallic shirt

You may want to be fashionable, and have a little bling on your shirt however, shirts with any sort of metallic interlay or metal detail will set off the detector, forcing a pat down. I know it might be hard to put away your favorite bedazzled shirt for your flight, but it would be much easier if you packed it in your suitcase.

Big metallic jewelry

Most jewelry is fine (rings, simple neckaces, small earrings etc.), but every so often there is something that will set the detector off. Better off packing those bulkier, oversized jewels.

An oversized scarf

I know this may seem like an odd thing to have on here, but trust me, I wore a blanket scarf once, did not learn my lesson, and wore one again- cursing myself as I went through security. They always ask you to take it off, you end up throwing it in the bin, and then, when you are gathering all of your stuff at the end, you grab it and can never get it on how you had it before. Plus, it takes up time. Keep it in your carry-on if you want to have it to use as a blanket, just don’t wear it.

Loose fitting clothing

You may want to be comfortable, but loose fitting clothing is a red flag that you may be hiding something in there. You’ll be more likely subjected to a pat down, so try to wear things that are a bit more fitted.

A big, bulky coat

At first this seemed like a no-brainer, but then I remembered how many people I have seen wearing one at the airport. Like loose fitting clothing, they may think you are trying to hide something. You’ll definitely at least have to take it off, and that just adds time. So pack it or leave it at home. Plus, it takes up so much space and will be a hassle on the plane, so why bother?

Shirts advertising anything violent/inappropriate

I know. Freedom of speech. But, be smart. A shirt advertising the death of anyone, depicting a dead body, has a gun on it, or anything similar is sure to raise the eyebrows of TSA and cause extra screening. Pack it and you can put it on as soon as you land (although if you have to go through immigration on the other side, I’d wait until arriving at your hotel).

Anything shaped like a weapon

Leave your gun shaped belt buckle at home, folks. That pin that looks like a sword? Probably not the best idea. I know you may think it’s just a fashion statement, but TSA most likely won’t agree. You will definitely hold up the line, and delay yourself when they ask you to take it off and will want to seize it. If you have one of those gun shaped purses, best to leave that at home, too.

Bobby Pins

I know some ladies want to look their finest when traveling, but please, do not book an updo at your favorite salon before your flight. That’s right, bobby pins set off the detector if you have too many in. If you really need that French twist in order to travel, find an alternative, non-metal way to do it.

Lots of layers

Layers seem like a good idea when you are flying, because of all the changes in temperature. However, it could delay you at security. Some TSA agents want every layer of clothing off of you before you walk through the detector, others let you keep on your coat, sweater and hoodie. Rather than worry about what agent you will get, keep your outfit to one layer. Have your layers in your carry-on, and put them on once you’re through.

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