From Qatar Airways: International Deals for Fall/Winter/Spring Travel

Save on international travel with the current batch of flight deals from Qatar Airways.

Rules and restrictions may vary slightly by route, with the majority valid for travel through May 31.

A minimum stay of 7 days is required, with an allowed maximum stay of 4 months.

Tickets must be booked by October 15.

Fares include:

Atlanta to Mumbai $641 round-trip

Atlanta to Lahore $712 round-trip

Atlanta to Colombo $821 round-trip

Atlanta to Hyderabad $973 round-trip

Boston to Karachi $652 round-trip

Boston to Mumbai $770 round-trip

Boston to Johannsburg $833 round-trip

Boston to Manila $866 round-trip

Boston to Colombo $968 round-trip

Boston to Phuket $1,001 round-trip

Chicago to Kuwait $561 round-trip

Chicago to New Delhi $651 round-trip

Chicago to Kathmandu $684 round-trip

Chicago to Phuket $701 round-trip

Chicago to Dar Es Salaam $705 round-trip

Chicago to Addis Ababa $752 round-trip

Chicago to Ahmedabad $778 round-trip

Dallas to Ahmedabad $665 round-trip

Dallas to Phuket $751 round-trip

Dallas to Bali $759 round-trip

Dallas to Kuwait $801 round-trip

Dallas to Mumbai $840 round-trip

Dallas to Hyderabad $892 round-trip

Dallas to Singapore $896 round-trip

Houston to Nairobi $732 round-trip

Houston to Karachi $747 round-trip

Houston to Lahore $751 round-trip

Houston to Phuket $756 round-trip

Houston to New Delhi $831 round-trip

Los Angeles to Beirut $726 round-trip

Los Angeles to New Delhi $751 round-trip

Miami to Phuket $731 round-trip

Miami to Karachi $741 round-trip

Miami to Goa $1,026 round-trip

New York to Ahmedabad $685 round-trip

New York to Phuket $701 round-trip

New York to Kathmandu $702 round-trip

New York to Chennai $729 round-trip

New York to Karachi $776 round-trip

New York to Dhaka City $789 round-trip

Philadelphia to Phuket $701 round-trip

Philadelphia to Manila $730 round-trip

Philadelphia to Kathmandu $744 round-trip

Philadelphia to Amman $775 round-trip

Philadelphia to New Delhi $884 round-trip

Washington DC to Beirut $604 round-trip

Washington DC to Phuket $701 round-trip

Washington DC to New Delhi $731 round-trip

Washington DC to Karachi $801 round-trip

Washington DC to Hyderabad $819 round-trip