72-Hour Sale from Air New Zealand

Save on flights to New Zealand and Australia with the current 72-hour promo sale from Air New Zealand.

Travel dates vary by route.

Stopovers in Auckland or Rarotonga are allowed at no charge. Additional stopovers (up to 3 permitted in total) are available at $100 each.

Tickets must be booked by October 12.

Economy Class fares include:

Honolulu to Auckland $895 round-trip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Auckland $945 round-trip, nonstop

San Francisco to Auckland $945 round-trip, nonstop

Houston to Auckland $1145 round-trip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Christchurch $1,095 round-trip

Los Angeles to Queenstown $1,095 round-trip

Los Angeles to Wellington $1,095 round-trip

Los Angeles to Melbourne $932 round-trip

Los Angeles to Brisbane $946 round-trip

Los Angeles to Adelaide $1,135 round-trip

San Francisco to Christchurch $1,095 round-trip

San Francisco to Queenstown $1,095 round-trip

San Francisco to Wellington $1,094 round-trip

San Francisco to Sydney $945 round-trip

San Francisco to Melbourne $932 round-trip

San Francisco to Brisbane $946 round-trip

San Francisco to Adelaide $1,136 round-trip

Houston to Christchurch $1,295 round-trip

Houston to Queenstown $1,295 round-trip

Houston to Wellington $1,295 round-trip

Houston to Sydney $1,145 round-trip

Houston to Melbourne $1,132 round-trip

Houston to Brisbane $1,146 round-trip

Houston to Adelaide $1,439 round-trip

Honolulu to Christchurch $1,045 round-trip

Honolulu to Queenstown $1,045 round-trip

Honolulu to Wellington $1,045 round-trip