Ghastly Ghost Sale from Spirit Airlines

Although many travelers may find the idea of flying Spirit Airlines spooky enough as it is, they're having an extra spooky Ghastly Ghost Sale, valid for travel from November 3 through November 17, though dates will vary by city. Sale fares start at $16 round-trip for members of Spirit's $9 Fare Club, which you can join before purchasing. Or for you non-committal folks, there are slightly higher sale fares available to non members as well.

Book by midnight ET, October 31. Fares include:

Atlantic City to Boston $16 round-trip

Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale $72 round-trip

Boston to Ft Lauderdale $112 round-trip

Detroit to Myrtle Beach $16 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Las Vegas $112 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to New York $72 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Cancun $156 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Nassau $150 round-trip

Myrtle Beach to New York $72 round-trip

Chicago to Myrtle Beach $72 round-trip