Virgin America & Google offer free WiFi, lower fares

Virgin America has partnered with Google to offer free in-flight WiFi from November 10 through January 15. And while the seats aren't free, they are reduced. Coast-to-coast fares start from $99 each way, while other fares range from $39 and $59 each way. Of course these fares aren't available on peak holiday travel, with blackout dates of November 25, 28, 30, and December 17 through January 5.

Book your tickets by October 20, 7am Pacific Time.

So, yeah. Free WiFi during the holidays. And don't worry about your battery dying because every seat has power outlets.

For those curious as to what Virgin America normally charges for laptop WiFi, it's $5.95 for flights less than 1.5 hours and redeyes, $9.95 for flights between 1.5 hours and 3 hours, and $12.95 for flights longer than 3 hours. For handheld devices (iPhone, Blackberry...), it's $5.95 for flights less than 1.5 hours, and $7.95 for flights of 1.5 hours and more. You can also purchase a 30-day pass for $49.95.

For fares, check out our pages for San Fran, Seattle, New York JFK, Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, and Ft Lauderdale.