$9 Fare Club Sale from Spirit

Here comes another $9 Fare Club Sale from Spirit. Yes, it is possible to snag a $9 one-way fare, or an $18 round-trip fare, as long as you're a member of the $9 Fare Club. Otherwise, round-trip fares will run you $58 or more. Dates are limited with fares this low, but it is possible to piece together a round-trip.

Fares include:

Atlantic City to Boston $18 round-trip

Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale $28 round-trip

Boston to Ft Lauderdale $28 round-trip

Detroit to Las Vegas $100 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles $100 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Nassau $119 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to San Juan $72 round-trip

Orlando to San Juan $73 round-trip

Travel dates vary by route so check Spirit for details. All bookings must be made by September 9.