Air France September/October Sale to Europe

After several U.S. airlines started their late summer/fall airfare battle, we were hoping that some of the international airlines would get a few sales going as well.

Air France announced today their September & October Sale between the U.S. and Europe. Once you include all the taxes and fees, some of these fares are not as low as we saw from previous sales in May or June. But if you still have to get to Europe during September or October, you can check out these Air France fares and see if they work for you.

Sample fares (fuel surcharge included below, but not all the other taxes and fees):

  • Philadelphia to Geneva - $182 one-way
  • San Francisco to Munich - $206 one-way
  • Boston to Barcelona - $254 one-way
  • Washington to Paris - $257 one-way
  • Chicago to Paris - $279 one-way
  • New York to Nice - $298 one-way

Valid for travel starting August 31 through October 24, 2009. Purchase tickets by Wednesday, July 15th, 11:59 EDT. Minimum Sunday night stay is required. 7-day advance purchase required.

Fare + All Taxes & Fees Included: We found Philly-Geneva to be $524 (9/14-9/21), $543 for San Fran-Munich (10/14-10/21), $618 for Boston-Barcelona (10/6-10/13), $630 for DC-Paris (9/10-9/17), $675 for Chicago-Paris (9/22-9/29), and $695 for New York to Nice (9/7-9/14). Sample fares were found for travel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. If you have different travel dates than the ones we picked above, the one-way fares were found during other weeks as well in both September and October.

So if you take off for Europe this September or October, send us a email or take along your Airfarewatchdog T-shirt with you. We always love to hear where our Airfarwatchdog fans have traveled. Now get out there and travel!