SAS Summer Sale to Scandinavian Capitals

As any seasoned traveler knows, it pays to shop around. Wait, we mean it saves to shop around. Sometimes the best deal can be found by going directly to an airline's website and, on other occasions, an online travel agency will have the best airfare.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is holding a summer sale from Chicago, Newark and Washington DC to Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. We found some airfare deals by directly going to SAS to book an airline ticket. Yet, we also found slighty better fares from competing airlines when visiting online travel agencies such as Orbitz or Travelocity. Here's some fares (including taxes) that we found:

Newark to Stockholm: For an Aug 13-20th trip, a direct flight on SAS will cost $522 while on Orbitz and Travelocity had the same flight is $599. Who wouldn't love a $75 savings for the same exact flight?

Chicago to Copenhagen: For a Sept 3-10th itinerary, we found a $615 direct flight on SAS while Orbitz matched the same flight. Orbitz did offer a few cheaper flights but those included at least one stop.

Washington DC to Stockholm: For an Aug. 31 - Sept. 7th trip, we found a $632 flight at SAS, while Orbitz offered a couple cheaper flights around $622 on Lufthansa or British Airways. All three airlines included a change in airline in both directions.

Want to get the most out of your trip to Denmark, Norway or Sweden? Visit another capital city by adding a stopover in Copenhagen or Stockholm. One stopover is allowed in each direction. A $20 fee per ticket will apply when purchasing the ticket through SAS's call center instead of booking online.

Just like your mom use to say ... look before you leap. A little research does go along way before buying an airline ticket. By checking airlines' websites and online travel agencies, you are bound to find the best deal.