$9 Fare Crusher Sale from Spirit

What's this? A Spirit sale free of innuendo? Yes, it's true. The $9 Fare Crusher Sale is available to members of their $9 Fare Club, and valid for travel only on select dates. As is usually the case with these sales, it can be a slight pain to piece together a round-trip itinerary with $9 one-ways, but it is possible.

You'll find the best deals of this sale are for travel from Ft Lauderdale to Mexican and Central/South American destinations.

This sale must be booked by midnight on June 3. Check Spiritair.com for valid travel dates.

Atlantic City to Boston $18 round-trip

Atlantic City to Ft Myers $18 round-trip

Boston to Ft Lauderdale $38 round-trip

Boston to Myrtle Beach $18 round-trip

Detroit to New York $18 round-trip

Detroit to Tampa $18 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Cancun $109 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Guatemala City $103 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Kingston $128 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Lima $208 round-trip

Ft Lauderdale to Panama City $93 round-trip

Chicago to Myrtle Beach $18 round-trip