Finally! Ryanair to offer affordable flights to Vegas!

New Service Alert! Beginning July 4th, Ryanair will operate 4 daily nonstops between Shannon and Las Vegas. In an attempt to skirt the same D.O.T. hold-ups that Virgin America once faced, Ryanair has teamed up with the folks behind the now defunct Columbus based Skybus. The new low cost carrier will fly under the name Sweet Pickles SkyBus, and seats* are currently on sale for $2 round-trip. Other acceptable forms of payment include: Lance crackers, Strawberry Yoo-hoo and/or Showbiz Pizza tokens.

Passengers aboard Sweet Pickles SkyBus will be treated to unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks. although -yes- a trip to the coin operated lavatory* will set you back a nickel.

*includes floor space, carpet squares, laps

*includes plastic tarp on floor of plane. In the back.