Update on Seattle Sale Wars

Southwest has launched a three day 50% Off sale to/from Seattle Tacoma, good for travel between February 3 and May 31. All tickets must be booked by midnight, January 22, and only on southwest.com, using the following promo code (quick, grab your mini golf pencil!): SEATTLE

Got that? Super! Now go take a look at our Seattle fare page (To Seattle or From Seattle, you choose).

On a related note: Now we're gonna have this song stuck in our head for the remainder of the day. So, yes, thanks for that, Seattle sale.

*****Update, as of Wednesday morning: Northwest, United, and Delta have now entered the ring, and with fares even lower (in most cases) than the Southwest 50% off sale:

  • Baltimore to Seattle $96 round-trip
  • Birmingham to Seattle $96 round-trip
  • Charlotte to Seattle $151 round-trip
  • Columbus to Seattle $86 round-trip
  • Ft Lauderdale to Seattle $115 round-trip
  • Hartford to Seattle $96 round-trip
  • Philadelphia to Seattle $114 round-trip

Check our Seattle fares page for the complete list of today's fares.