BREAKING NEWS! US Airways sale to Europe for summer travel

We'll update this as we research more fares, but it looks like US Air is having a sale, at least on some routes and at least for August travel, to London and Paris. Service is from many cities, including some you'd never think of, such as Spokane, WA and New Haven, CT! But also from larger airports as well.

Update: We're now finding scattered fares in the 500's incl. tax from various cities, including many smaller airports, to Amsterdam.

Fares are in many cases at least half of what others are charging. Some are even bigger discounts.

And as usual, the fares make no sense geographically. Seattle to Amsterdam is $520 RT including tax; Boston to AMS is $579 RT.

So if you thought Europe was out of reach this summer, think again....and remember, the Euro is way down vs. the dollar, compared to last summer. Use our international fare search to see fares.

Update: Some of these fares are only available for mid to late August and September travel; some are also available for June travel.

Update: Looks like Shannon is also on discount, and there are a few fares to Manchester and Glasgow. We also found Seattle to Brussels in May/June on sale, but not in summer.

Update Sun Jan 18: these fares are still available, although with fewer seats and dates. Surprised that other airlines are matching, but perhaps they don't need to. However, US Air appears to have added new routes... so shop around.