How about a Cold One?

Icelandair has announced an "early bird" sale for spring and early summer travel, but they also still have some great winter and early spring deals if you know to look for them.

Here's another example of an airline tripping itself up in the rush to tell you about its greatest offers in a way that could make you miss out on some even better offers. As any longtime Europe bargain hunter knows, Icelandair has been a low-fare carrier since before that segment even formally existed and can still often be relied on for solid deals, especially to Northern Europe.

As is readily apparent right on the airline's home page, the "best offer" of the moment from Boston or New York to, say, any of the Scandinavian capitals would seem to be $449 plus taxes of at least another $80. However, in the spirit of willful vagueness that more and more airlines--Continental and Iberia, among others--now advertise their sales, by simply showing you the best fares "currently available" or "recently found" without actually committing to too many pesky details, like fixed prices, sale deadlines or travel periods, it isn't clear when these best offers are actually available.

So if you're looking to travel in the next couple of months, you might glance at these offers, reasonably assume that they are the lowest winter fares and deem them rather pricey as such, as they certainly would be for this time of year. It's only if you decide to disregard the obvious, roll up your sleeves and actually do the work of checking the fares yourself that you will find deals as low as $420 including taxes, available for travel through March, but mentioned nowhere on the site, as far as we can tell.

The $449 net fares are more in line with the airline's spring and early summer fares, although still not quite and then only from New York, since they are at least $150 more from Boston. So we're a little confused