Paris Pas Cher

That's French for "Paris on the cheap" and that's exactly what this typically high-priced, high-maintenance city has become overnight. Or at least getting there has. From New York, that is. In addition to their regular nonstop flights from JFK for $650, Air France has been peddling a "partial nonstop" deal (nonstop one way on Air France and via Shannon on Delta the other way) for about $100 less for a while, and this has now dropped another $100 to just $450 with taxes. That's a bargain any way you slice it.

Unfortunately, from anywhere else you'll be hard put to find a way to Paris for less than $600, even for winter travel, although as always we've done our damndest to scope out the best deals for you. For instance, we tell you guys in Dallas how to shave $80 off American's expensive nonstop flights just by getting your ticket from the cheapest source, and similar easy savings are available from Chicago and Denver, just to mention a few. See the whole list here and stay tuned as we start looking for more great spring and summer sales along the lines of what Aer Lingus has already put out there.