International Deals of the Week

Fares to Australia for the traditional bargain-travel season (April through early June) are still quite a bit higher than they were when United Airlines and Qantas were slugging it out a couple of months ago, but V Australia has a blockbuster sale leading up to the long-delayed launch of their new nonstop service from Los Angeles to Sydney on February 27, with Brisbane service to follow on April 8. With the price of both going for around $900 roundtrip including taxes through late September this might be your chance to pick up a good deal for summer travel, although with Delta set to start flying in July more sales will undoubtedly crop up.

To high-priced Amsterdam fares have been a little less high since Northwest Airlines and KLM cut the cost of flying nonstop earlier this week, but connecting in Philadelphia on U.S. Airways can bring the price down by quite a bit more, at least until tomorrow when all this could change. If you don't like to be rushed and prefer to travel in style, OpenSkies gives you a couple of weeks to consider their latest offer of a very easy chair in their Prem+ class, which at least in terms of comfort looks to be equivalent of everyone else's business class, for just $999 all-inclusive from New York.

Also from New York as well as Boston, Icelandair offers some hidden (or lower than already low advertised) bargains of $430 or less to Scandinavia and Iceland, and don't miss all the other good deals we've found to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, starting at just $575 from Chicago and Seattle, and $650 from Dallas and Minneapolis.

Still from New York, the best deals to continental Europe continue to be the unadvertised sale fares on Czech Airlines to Germany and Italy that can get you to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, and Rome for around $430, all via Prague, of course. For fast service to Spain, there are nonstop flights to Barcelona and Madrid for $460, and even Malaga on the gorgeous Costa del Sol can be yours for the tiny sum of $480.

If you're Moscow-bound this spring, you might be interested to know about United's new nonstop flights from Washington D.C. beginning March 29. You can still catch some steals and bonus miles with fares advertised for $844 before taxes currently going for $613 including taxes, at least during the first week of service. First, catch our best fares for all nonstop routes currently operating to both Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.