The current airline sale story

A number of airlines are having seat sales, however there's nothing unusual or as astounding as Southwest's recent 50% off promo code deals. And there are always spot sales, usually unadvertised, that are better deals.

Virgin America has coast to coast deals from $278 RT, and shorter hops on the West coast at $118 RT. Nothing mind boggling there. Sale ends Jan 19.

Over at JetBlue, the fares are better. Short hops from New York JFK are $49 each way, and fares to the the West and Southwest are as low as $258 RT. Their sale ends Jan 14.

Southwest's sale ends Jan 19, and the lowest prices are for travel Tue/Wed at $49 to $99 each way.

Midwest Airlines is offering a few good fares, with the best deals on shorter hops around its back yard. The longer haul routes aren't anything we haven't seen before. Sale ends Jan 13.

AirTran is having its usual  sale with fares we've seen before.    Book by Jan 15.

Alaska has its weekly insider discount promo code with 10% off between various cities, as well as a general sale. There's also a $20 promo code for travel to Flagstaff, AZ for select dates in Feb. LA to Flagstaff and reverse is as low as $69 each way before the discount. There's also a weekly Web specials sale.

Spirit's latest sale (they seem to have them every other day) ends Jan 7 with fares as low as $9 each way for their $9 Fare Club members. Until midnight Jan 8, they're offering an additional discount of $35 for roundtrip fares booked on their web site with promo code 35HOURS.

And little but growing Allegiant Airlines is having a sale to/from Florida with fares starting at $49 each way. Sale ends Jan 21. But beware their $13.50 "convenience fee" even for booking online, plus bag fees.