New Sales from Midwest & AirTran

Guess what, kids! It's that special time of year between New Year's and Spring Break when no one wants to fly or spend money, and the airlines start trotting out the big gun sales. Especially in these hard no-money-havin' times. Even here at Airfarewatchdog, we've been forced to replace our computers with Lite Brites and our keyboards with the phalanges of fare analysts past who worked their fingers to literal bone. So, basically Im just staring forward into a Lite Brite clown face, tapping on old fingers, but -hey!- it's way cheap, and here you are, still reading this, so I guess it works somehow.

What were we talking about? Oh yes! Sales. Everybody is having them! Take this one from Midwest! Fares are good for travel from January 18 all the way to November 18, except for Ft Myers and Orlando where travel is seasonal. All fares must be purchased by January 13. Watch out for blackout dates (April 8 - 20) and, says Midwest, peak travel fares will be a tad higher.

Also new: AirTran is having their own little New Year's sale, good for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday travel through May 20 (again, except for Florida and San Juan. Sorry guys!). Expect for those Monday, Thursday, and Friday fares to run a little higher. Your blackout dates are February 21 and April 3, 4, 9, 10 and 13. Interested? Book no later than January 15.