International Streaks and Highlights

Having a bad hair day? Here are some deals that should at least raise and fluff that flat hair on your neck a bit!

Note that while most of the fare samples below are from New York, these mostly unadvertised sales may also extend to your city, even if we haven't had time to check fares from there yet. As always, all taxes are included.

First, check out Czech Airlines' sale to Germany and beyond. From New York JFK fares start just under $460 to Berlin and Munich and go up to $540 to Copenhagen. Other cities may be included, we just haven't found them yet. Prague, however, is not (that was last month).

American has shaved the top off the price to great cities like Barcelona, Milan, Rome and Zurich. Still from JFK, nonstop service to Spain is just $460, about $100 more to Italy and another $50 will buy you a frizz-free, freeze-dried Alpine perm and some face time with your Swiss banker.

If you're looking for a more natural sun-bleached styling and maybe a true Brazilian wax, why not hop on one of TAM Airlines' new nonstop flights from JFK to Rio de Janeiro for just $675 and hit the Copa faster than you can say caipirinha? It's such a good deal it's a steal!

If US Airways can have their way with you they'd like you to start your trip to Brussels or Amsterdam from New York LGA instead. Including a quick Philly pit stop, these cold hotspots can be yours for $490 and $550, respectively and respectfully.

Also from LGA, United wants to send you in a whole different direction as far as Taipei ($860) or Singapore ($1,125). Some of these connections may nevertheless return you to JFK, there's just no way around it, so be sure to tell your limo driver.

One last hair-raising deal from LGA is Air Canada's unbeatable Buenos Aires bargain for just under $600. Yes, you have to head north to go south, but it's a tupsy-turvy world these days and Toronto isn't the worst place to change planes, eh?

Across the river at Newark, Continental has just snipped over a $100 off their nonstop route to Tokyo ($1,060), just as they did last week with Hong Kong ($785). If either of those is your destination of choice, don't miss Singapore Airlines' West Coast deals which also include Seoul.

Finally, Northwest has cut back the cost of going to Manila by up to $200 and Continental is often matching wherever possible. These fares are good from all over the place.

For other international offers that may still be valid, check out the previous international fare summary.