Stay Free All Over London

British Airways is having one of their periodic sales that along with some pretty competitive fares throws in up to 2 free nights at select hotels in London or elsewhere in the United Kingdom. The best deals are available for departures from late October through late March with higher rates for earlier and holiday travel. The terms of this sale allows for a generous 11-month maximum stay as opposed to the more standard 30 days, and also includes decent deals to Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, all on sale through October 3. As always, we save you the trouble of figuring out the taxes and fees and have listed the all-inclusive fares for British Airways' nonstop routes to Heathrow or Gatwick.

If you're planning to make a European trip in October or November, this is an excellent opportunity to also take advantage of the current Ryanair sale that has been extended beyond its original Thursday deadline and may be extended yet again or replaced by another great offer. This would involve a transfer from Heathrow or Gatwick to either Stansted or Luton airports, but at least now you'll get a free night or two in London to make your connection comfortably. Even if you don't make this sale's deadline, you can still take advantage of the many amazing deals available from these two budget hubs to practically anywhere in Europe.