London Low on Brussels...

Unadvertised airfare sales with cheap codeshare flights and great deals to London Heathrow and Gatwick.

This is not where we tell you about a sudden shortage of healthy sprouts in the English diet, because depending on who you ask this predicament is either famously chronic, spanning centuries of bad cooking, or an equally famous myth that no longer holds true, thanks to the likes of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and other Brit champions of naturally naked, nearly raw vegetables.

What we do have for you is a whole batch of freshly picked, crisp London fares for late summer and early fall travel, a mostly motley medley of curious codeshare deals on virtual airlines, and that's quite a mouthful!

The low price leader is Brussels Airlines offering 2-stop connections through — you guessed it — Brussels, but don't let the fact that this newly invigorated European carrier doesn't ever cross the Atlantic throw you, because in most cases you won't set foot on even one of their aircraft during the 6 legs of the trip, but will instead be carried on a combination of American Airlines and British Airways flights.

From some cities a few bucks extra buys you a better connection, sometimes even non-stop service, on BMI British Midland, which again doesn't actually ply any of these routes, but simply lends its rather unfamiliar name to United Airlines and partners.

Why these deals are served up this way we can't really tell you, but you should do fine as long as you ignore the brand names and marketing ploys and just focus on the cost and total travel time when shopping around, keeping in mind that once you add the dressing they all taste more or less the same.