Beware Iberia Boston Sale

Iberia has finally decided to make an official sales announcement for the great summer fares from Boston that we started showing you over a month ago (you can read our official announcement here). At one point we listed over 50 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, but we've had to whittle down the list as seats sold out.

These bargains helped make Boston the leading departure point for cheap transatlantic travel so far this year, but they were always only available for a very limited number of travel days and a bit difficult to find, and the problem with this "new" sale is that Iberia doesn't seem to have made it any easier.

The specified "flights period" (which we take to mean "travel period") runs through the end of July, but after doing a thorough price check for the entire period we could only find seats to Barcelona and Madrid in early June and, as we've been telling you all along, for late July departures with late August returns.

So while these great fares are still available, presumably also to all the other advertised destinations and a few unnamed others, they seem to be harder than ever to pin down, and we'd like to think that this is partly thanks to our promotional efforts for which Iberia has never thanked us, by the way, but we hope at least you appreciate.