Destination: D

Any way you spell it, with or without the umlaut—those two little dots above the u long favored by hipster marketers and not to be confused with a lazy colon—this fare spells savings in any language and you'd be totally dotty to not be chomping at the bit. Even if Dusseldorf isn't exactly your dream destination—and let's be frank, it ain't most people's—this $750 nonstop fare from Newark will take you straight to the heart of Northern European right at the height of summer and put you gently down in Germany's biggest budget hub, Air Berlin's other home. Check out all the deals on our Duesseldorf fare page.

You know we'd draw you a map if we had time, but suffice it to say that Cologne is just down the street, Frankfurt a little further south along the river, wunderbar Wuppertal a wee east with Hannover over yonder, and all the joys of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Luxemburg just a jump across any of those squiggly little borders. We could go on, but we won't, and even if we don't have to spell it out for you, we will: this fare is very good and very easy to find which makes it more than good to go, so please go. Jetzt heraus, bitte!