Summer Fare "Sale" on Virgin America

In Virgin America's latest "sale" presentation, they're offering fares to/from San Francisco and San Diego,  Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle.  Also represented are fares to/from Los Angeles and Seattle as well as to/from Washington, D.C. (Dulles)  or New York (JFK) and Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Although these fares are certainly not the lowest they've been, given the times and fuel costs, etc., we have to accept these "sales" for what they are.  They're at least a break, for now, from some fares that have been a hundred or two more than the "sale" fares.  This latest entry has one-way fares beginning at $49.00 and ending at $179.00, depending on route.  Taxes and fees are additional in all cases.  We have to say that the "sale fare" for the JFK - San Francisco route is being touted as $179.00 each way.  Our math says that should yield a fare of about $358.00 before taxes/fees.  Both on Virgin America's own site and Travelocity, we found a $325.00 fare, valid for travel until Oct. 21.  The "sale" fare is only valid for travel until June 25, so go figure!  Can't assume a "sale" is always a "sale!"

In any event, the new "Summer Sale" on Virgin America requires puchase by May 23, 2008 (presumably Pacific Time as Virgin America is headquartered in Burlingame, though not stated in the fine print.)  Travel between May 28 and June 25, 2008.  Tickets are non-refundable and seats are limited.  Only applies to Main Cabin seating.