Wonderful Copenhagen at a Fairytale Price

May 15 Update: An unofficial fare war has broken out overnight, with American Airlines and partners joining the fray to offer fares as low as $560 from New York, $670 from Boston, $750 from Chicago, and $830 from Dallas, all for August travel.

Delta has teamed up with partners Air France and Alitalia for a half-off bake-off that currently makes Copenhagen the cheapest European destination for summer travel and cinnamon rolls. Fares start at $675 from New York (or non-stop on Continental for $75 more from mid-August) and with savings nearly as big, it could well be one of those bake sales that weren't supposed to happen, so better snap this Danish up while it's hot and good to go!

When you've filled up on pastries and butter cookies, you can continue your excess caloric intake on a cruise to Oslo and hike them off again in the mountains of Norway, or you can ferry your extra pounds on down to Poland or other picturesque Baltic ports (see all the major routes here).

If you're more the type to lose your sea legs during sugar highs, why not grab a cheap seat on the fast Swedish Railways to anywhere in Sweden, including Gothenburg and Stockholm, for as little as $15. No, we kid you not - would we do that? - tickets really are that cheap and on sale right now! (Fares may be slightly higher on bullet trains departing Copenhagen, which is spelled 'Köbenhavn' in Swedish for ticketing purposes.)

For fans of little mermaids, swan princesses, naked emperors, ugly ducklings and other fairytale characters, the Danish Railways lets you explore other storybook parts of Denmark with their Orange tickets at over 50% off and will even get you quickly and cheaply across the border to Germany, should you feel the need, with low fares to Hamburg or Berlin coming in around $40 and $60, respectively (you can see details and prices here, but alas only in Danish).

So, whaddya say? Can we make it any easier for you? OK, yes, you do have to pack your own suitcase.