Cheap Italian Fashion Goods

For the month of May you can Eurofly yourself far into June in true Eurostyle along with all the Eurotrash returning with bleary eyes and upset hair from a long whirlwind weekend in New York. Fares start at a reasonable $575 including taxes for non-stop flights and that makes them downright cheap for this time of year, this year.

If you picture Italy as a knee-high stiletto Gucci leather boot—and frankly, who doesn't?—with the northern top cut off at a smart bias (which is perfectly all right, because that part of Italy feels more like Switzerland, anyway), then you'll find half a dozen destinations scattered generously down the shaft like so many gleaming gemstones.

First, there's Bologna perched on the brim like a big saucy ruby, trying its best to outshine Rome, Naples and Pescara daisy-chained around the tall ankle like an unholy but fine genuine pearl rosary. Smack dab on the slim, elegant toe Lamezia Terme twinkles like a bright southern sapphire while clinging to the edge of whatever is getting a swift kick down south, Mafia-style, is the smoldering emerald of Palermo.

So there you have it. Go ahead and try them on for size, but keep in mind that selection is limited and walking out the door as fast as real Gucci's on teenage models at a Soho sample sale.