Do Right By Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The friendliest emirate this side of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is also a booming financial center, happening cosmopolitan hotspot, sprawling shopping mecca and the only tropical beach resort offering year-round skiing on an indoor slope.

Everybody's invited and seems to be going, so getting there often isn't cheap, but we've found a bunch of great fares for May travel that won't cost you a whole lot more than yet another trip to Hawaii or a jump across the pond to Europe.

Starting at just under $800 from New York or $850 from Chicago and Los Angeles, these deals are too good to be easy to get, but if you poke around long enough you will find them, just like we did. Check out our Dubai page for the whole list and the individual fares for more details.

Abu Dhabi might be considered the runner-up for much of the above except the more outlandish amusement park aspects, but it currently ranks only a distant second when it comes to the price of admission, which starts at $950 from New York and $1012 from Chicago.