London Long-Term

Are you ready to make a long-term committment to London this summer and are your terms reasonably flexible? Then you might be able to have some fun with these cheap dates we've scrounged up for you. Starting at $650 and $675 round-trip including taxes from Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, they're available for mid-to-late July departures with mid-to-late August returns. That works out to less than $30 a day, not including the price of booze or the fleabag hotel, but it should leave you enough left over to at least buy you and your date some grub. Really, it's so cheap it's almost indecent and we should all be ashamed of ourselves for even thinking about it!

April 3 Update: As far as we can tell, the West Coast deals are gone, but we found some good deals still available from Atlanta and Chicago and possibly other cities. Hurry!