Don't Miss This Sweet Swiss Deal

Switzerland may be one of Europe's pricier destinations, but getting there doesn't have to be. Qatar Airways' new non-stop service from Newark to Geneva is keeping prices in check and forcing cool Swiss International to play a very uncool game of bait-and-switch by advertising low fares that just aren't available for purchase.

Coming in at under $750 including taxes, this is one of the best deals we've seen to continental Europe so far this year, easy to find all summer long, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, even for weekend travel, although you might have to stretch your budget by $40 to get a wider selection of dates in July.

Even if you can't afford to stay, Geneva-based Flybaboo, reportedly one of Europe's best low-fare airlines, can get you out of town in style, and Easyjet is expanding their already sizable hub here with 8 new routes this summer, bringing the total destinations served close to 40. And should you've had your fill of flying, you'll be close enough to France to walk the 6 miles to the border and within easy driving range of Italy and Germany.