Save $25 (or more) on Airtran

Airtran has a particularly nice deal going on right now, and we at have discovered a way to make it just a bit better for our loyal readers.  Here's the scoop...

Surf on over to and click on the link to sign up for their NetEscapes mailing list.  Once you sign up, they will email you a coupon code for $25 off good for any flight through September 30, 2008.  Couldn't be much easier to save a few bucks right?

Well, our intrepid fare researchers have discovered that you can actually double the savings and get $50 off a roundtrip flight if you follow a couple of easy steps:

1. Sign up twice for the NetEscapes newsletter to get a second coupon code.  You'll need a second email address to do this, but most people have one already, and if not, there's always Gmail.

2. When booking your flight, instead of making one roundtrip reservation and using a single coupon, book two separate one-way reservations and use a $25 coupon on each for a total savings of $50!

Airtran has some nice discounted fares right now such as New York (LGA) to Orlando non-stop for $162 roundtrip.  Using the method above gets it down to $112 which is quite a deal if we do say so ourselves.

Book quickly because this deal expires by February 17th.