Some 2 cent round-trip fares from Spirit (yes they can be booked if you follow the rules)

Spirit's latest wacky sale has a few 2 cent round trip fares and a few $16 round trippers, and they can be booked if you travel when Spirit offers the fares, which is typically on four dates in each direction. Some of these deals are only available to the airline's $9 Fare Club members. Barbara, one of our fare analysts, booked a ticket from Boston to Myrtle Beach for $16 round trip and Bo, our international fare guru, flew to Florida for 2 cents round trip just for the day just for the heck of it (we do give these people time off now and then), so what more proof do you need that these fares are not a scam. Midnight Jan 16 these fares go poof (or earlier if they're sold out). See what's available here.