EOS Airlines to add JFK-Paris and Newark-London

Once you fly on EOS, it's hard to go back to business class on any other airline, or even first class on any other airline.

So we're glad that they're adding new routes in 2008, and just sorry that they don't fly everywhere (and that we're not rich enough to fly them everywhere). Service from Newark to London begins in the spring, and JFK to Paris in the fall, so we'll have to wait a bit.

Many airlines now fly with fully flat bed-seats, and some, such as Singapore and Jet Airways, are adding first class semi-enclosed "capsules" with enormous amounts of privacy and room. But the difference with EOS is that there are only a maximum of 48 passengers on each plane, and everyone is treated to the same high level of service. It's more like a private jet than anything else. So getting on and off the plane is a breeze, and everyone has the same large amount of personal space, more so if the plane isn't full.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I fly in business class on other airines and they make the economy passengers wait while we deplane, or I feel envious when I deplane and walk through the first class cabin after a flight. On EOS, it's an egalitarian society--a fairly well-heeled one, but equal nonetheless.

Plus, navigating London's Stansted Airport, where EOS lands, is just much easier to deal with than Heathrow.

When I flew EOS recently, upon landing at JFK there was no rush to get off the plane. In fact, it seemed that some passengers didn't want to leave. Save your pennies and fly them and you'll see why.