Germany Getaway Giveaway

All right, so it's not exactly a freebie, but just when you thought fares to Germany couldn't get any lower, they in fact have, with an even more unexpected and most un-Germanic logic that have prices falling in inverse relationship to the distance traveled, and in some cases going so low they might as well be free.

From Phoenix and Las Vegas you can now fly the 5,600 plus miles to Frankfurt for under $350 (that's round-trip including taxes), and for a few extra bucks you can wing it non-stop from the West Coast. That's actually less than a 2,000-mile shorter trip from the East Coast will cost you, although fares from here surely are nothing to scoff at.

Especially in this age of skyrocketing fuel prices and surchages, these could well be historically low prices, adjusted for inflation, grease marks and what have you. Just don't dilly-dally over them bargains too long because this history lesson officially ends at midnight, although Lufthansa does have a history of extending their sales.