Air Canada webSaver fares, available on only

We really wish the airlines would stop doing this. They're making our job much harder here at, plus they're eating into our revenue stream (airlines don't pay us to send them traffic). We should just ignore deals like this. Oh, but then we'd be like the other airfare comparison and prediction sites. Oops, forgot.

I am not surprised when I see these 'private sales' on airline web sites, but I am surprised that the mainstream media isn't reporting about this trend. Some  newspapers and other media outlets have marketing agreements with some third party airfare sites.  Perhaps that explains it.

Anyway: Air Canada is offering some pretty slick fares between Canada and the US. Purchase by Nov. 25, and travel by Jan. 31 2008, with, of course, the usual peak holiday blackouts. We were unable to find these fares on third party sites.

For example, Toronto/Boston is $96 each way plus tax in this sale, or $284 CDN including tax, round trip.

Using the same dates of Dec 1 depart, Dec 8 return, fares were $357 RT CDN for the exact same flights on

But, same dates on for nonstop flights, $357 RT including tax: