Another Day, Another Deal or...

Let's see, this is Tuesday so this must be... another Lufthansa-United sale!

This dynamic duo is becoming a bit like Macy's, having "amazing" sales every other week, it seems, with prices so "incredibly low" they're practically giving the store away, all to the point of creating a constant whirl of consumer confusion and making us forget what the "real" prices once were and what the true value of anything is.

Nevertheless, this one is the ge-nu-ine article—wide-spread, short-lived, and full of great bargains. It includes almost all of Lufthansa's European destinations and puts many of them within reach for under $500 from New York for the first time since last winter.

Everybody else seems to be asleep at the auto-pilot or still backed up on the runway, so don't look for matching fares elsewhere, at least not yet. As always with these Lufthansa-United deals, you'll get the best prices on the code-share flights you find on Orbitz, not directly from either partner, pardner.

This sale is due to expire on September 20 and is officially for September-October departures. However, it also affects travel starting in November and sometimes stretching as far out as March, and these are mostly the fares we have posted since they are generally lower by about $100.