Talking Turkey

Whether turkeys can fly—or talk—or not really has no bearing on your travel plans and surely shouldn't stop you and some of your fine-feathered friends from taking flight on wings of love (or light-weight aluminum alloy) for Turkey now that fares have finally come down to earth.

Istanbul in wintertime can be hit or miss weatherwise, cold spells alternating with hot flashes, but we have found some great deals for early fall travel and you can expect a warm welcome anytime from the friendly Turks.

In Ankara, high on the Anatolian plateau, you can really freeze your Butterballs off during sudden winter squalls, but there's a reason they invented Turkish baths, you know. However, down along the balmy shores south of Izmir, you and your favorite bird can bake in the sun in the middle of February and still get a nice crispy skin.

So strap on your wings and fly, birdie, fly! But check out our New York page for the best deals before you go, birdie, go.