Where Does the Rain in Spain Mainly Fall?

Updated on September 17

Certainly not in any of these famously sunny destinations that we have recently added.

For much less than a pretty penny, you can pass the buck and sing like a canary while working on your tan on any of three Canary Islands— Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote—or soak it up with the legendary local wine between occasional showers on luxuriant nearby Madeira.

If you insist on guilty pleasures, you can search for the fountain of youth or at least rediscover disco at Europe's notorious non-stop party hotspot, Ibiza, or mellow out on the more sedate Mallorca next door.

For those of you whose game is golf, the classier stretch of Costa del Sol may look like one long driving range, and after teeing off in Marbella you can still make it down to Gibraltar by teatime for a nice cuppa and a couple of crumpets with a bunch of cheeky monkeys, cherished subjects of the Queen who will gladly subject you to their friendly antics.

(In case you're not familiar with Gibraltar's tailless "Rock Apes" or "Barbary Macaques" , these are Europe's only wild—and presumably tea-drinking—primates and are all British nationals, vital to the sovereignty of that odd little controversial English footprint on the doorstep to Africa.)

Now, if you too go bananas and completely round the bend, you can recoup your losses and wash up on Portugal's more rugged shores in Algarve while up the coast in good old Porto, steeped in history and fortified wine, you might finally get some relief from all that fun in the sun and actually need an umbrella!

For good measure we've thrown in a sprinkling of other southern sunspots, like Malta, Cyprus, and Egypt's Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, both on the deep-blue Red Sea.

Fares range from good to spectacular and are available from New York for non-peak travel most of the winter, some easy to find while others can be tricky to track down, and all probably short-lived, so think fast before you act. Now do you get the picture or would you like us to draw you a map?

Since many of these fares are routed through London, a number of them have risen substantially in line with all New York-London fares now that the recent sales are over. The deals are still good, just not as great as when
we originally posted them, and while they may even come down again when the next sale hits the airways, there's of course no telling when this will be and some of them could be long gone by then.