Fall Fares Fall All Over Britain

One of the happy repercussions of the fare wars raging over London these days like a new blitzkrieg is that fares to other cities in England's green and pleasant land have to stoop to their level.

For late fall and early winter travel, Continental has lowered prices on their non-stop routes from Newark by almost $100 with others matching where they can from New York JFK, and connecting service from other U.S. airports probably being adjusted accordingly.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are now within your reach in November starting around $500.

As for London, pretty much any carrier with a slot at Heathrow or Gatwick airports have been called to arms to defend their turf and join the fray. Air Canada has shaved even more off the top of their already low fares from 36 U.S. cities, and Continental and Delta are beating competitors by a few bucks on the busy transatlantic turnpike. Even the price of American's new service to Stansted that doesn't start until the end of October has been cut by a C note.

Running as fast as he can, it's still all much more than one little Airfarewatchdog can get his paws around, so be sure to do your own due diligence before you drop the cash or hand over your credit card. Also keep in mind that cheap is rarely plentiful: some of these fares are only available for a few departures and can change daily. Woof!

Sample fares including taxes for November*

Boston Belfast
  Glasgow $545
Chicago Manchester $420
Newark Belfast $510
  Birmingham $441
  Bristol $453
  Edinburgh $491
  Glasgow $514
  London Gatwick $435
  Manchester $438
New York JFK
Edinburgh $541
  Glasgow $502

London Gatwick $435
  London Stansted $435
  Manchester $438
Los Angeles Manchester $609
Washington Manchester $495
* Some of these fares are also available in October and December.