Air France fall sale falls short

Air France is having a sale on fall travel to international destinations from select U.S. cities. Tickets must be purchased by August 17 for departures from September 10 to October 28. But before you go booking anything, let’s have a look at their sample fares vs. our findings:

  • Philadelphia to Paris $402 each-way. We found the advertised each-way fare of $402 readily available for most of September, and chose the 18th through the 25th as our travel dates. That comes to about $905 round-trip, taxes and all. The best we found on Orbitz for these same dates is $851 round-trip, including tax, on a United/Lufthansa share.
  • New York to Athens $366 each-way. Again, the advertised fare is easy to find throughout the flexible search calendar. We chose October 12 through October 20, giving us a fare of $879 round-trip, including taxes. We checked Orbitz for the same trip and found a fare of $817 round-trip, with taxes, on Olympic Airlines, non-stop.
  • Los Angeles to Rome $473 each-way. Departing October 15 and returning October 26, that $473 each-way, with taxes, comes to a whopping $1,056 round-trip. American Airlines has this same trip for a slightly lower $1,045 round-trip on Orbitz.
  • Seattle to Paris $527 each-way. Using October 2 through October 10 as our dates of travel, we found $525 each-way, or $1,157 round-trip, including taxes. We checked Orbitz and found a lower fare of $899 round-trip, with taxes, on Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Boston to Prague $423 each-way. For October 15 through October 25, we found a $396 each-way fare available on the flexible search calendar, givinAAirAg us a total of $908 round-trip, including taxes. By plugging these dates into Orbitz, we were able to find a lower fare of $785 round-trip, taxes and all, on a United/Czech Air share.

As you can see, these Air France “sale” fares were higher in every case we checked. Unless you’re especially loyal to Air France, we say there are lower fares to be had.