65,000 bonus points/miles with the American Express Gold Card

American Express is offering up to 65,000 bonus points, which can be spent on over two dozen different airlines the same way frequent flyer points are, with a special summer bonus promotion for their Business Rewards Gold card for small businesses (and small can be just a business of one).

This will be available for a limited time.

Here is how the points stack up:

  • 25000 points for your first purchase
  • 5000 points when your spending reaches $20,000 in a calendar year
  • 20000 more points when you spend $50,000
  • 10000 points when you renew the card for the first year
  • 5000 points when you add two free cards for additional employees

Plus, the card is free for the first year. Although it costs $125 per year after that, the built in discounts, we’ve found, more than cover the cost (you get 5% off at FedEx Kinkos and Hertz, for example, and 3% off on Delta and JetBlue). Learn more and apply, but do it soon because this offer will be withdrawn sometime in July.

PS: The best thing about American Express, in our humble opinion, is the customer service. If your card is lost or stolen you can get a replacement usually in 24 hours or less, or even on the spot if you're near an American Express office. Plus there are features like return protection, which guarantees your satisfaction on most purchases even if the merchant won't stand by you; and the Purchase Protection Plan which protects many purchases from theft or damage for up to 90 days from purchase.