Utterly insane last minute Europe fares

Look what Bo, the latest addition to our airfarewatchdog.com staff, found on Icelandair: Leave tonight (June 9) from JFK headed to Frankfurt and come back on June 13 for $585 RT including tax. Now that is last minute. It's only available on Icelandair's web site. On Kayak, the lowest listed price is $1377 via LOT.

So add Icelandair to the ever-growing list of airlines having private sales on their own Web sites. You might want to check them out on your next European flight search. And this is precisely why we, as journalists, do not get overly excited about airfare prediction and automated fare listing sites.

Interestingly, Bo put this fare up around 3 AM today (yes, he's a night owl type) and I couldn't believe it was so low so I checked around noon  (sorry, Bo, I'm just the skeptical kind) and actually, it had gone down almost $100 from when Bo first found it.

Here's a screen grab from Icelandair.com:

And here's what we found on Kayak (Travelocity and Orbitz had the same deal):