Hawaiian Airlines Sale from the West Coast

Hawaiian Airlines is having a summer sale to Oahu, Honolulu, Kahului, and Maui from select west coast cities, good for travel from July 1 through August 19. How are the fares? Let's take a look.

• Portland to Honolulu, advertised as $435 round-trip, nonstop: Using July 18 through July 25 as our dates of travel, the best price we found on Hawaiian's web site was $482 round-trip. These same dates on Orbitz show Hawaiian as having the best fare, at $489 round-trip. Sure, United has a lower fare of $470 round-trip, with a layover in San Francisco, but the $12 difference isn't enough to sway us from Hawaiian's nonstop.

• Las Vegas to Honolulu, advertised as $549 round-trip, nonstop: We found $566 round-trip, for travel from August 1 through August 8. Back on Orbitz, Hawaiian is in the lead at $572 round-trip for these dates, followed by ATA at $594 round-trip.

• Sacramento to Honolulu, advertised as $435 round-trip, nonstop: Traveling from July 3 through July 11, we found a fare of $492 round-trip. Orbitz shows $499 round-trip as the lowest fare, on Hawaiian.

• Seattle to Maui, advertised as $562 round-trip, nonstop: We actually found a much lower fare of $474 round-trip, using August 13 through August 21 as our travel dates. Sure, the fine print says the summer specials expire after August 19, but we still managed to find our return segment for $176. That's much lower than what was being offered during the summer specials. These dates on Orbitz show Northwest as having the lowest fare at $452, though it includes a quick stop-over in Kona.

Hawaiian had the best fares for every route we checked, pretty consistent with what was advertised, and sometimes even better. When searching for fares on Hawaiian's web site, be on the lookout for those flexible date tabs that pop up, indicating that a cheaper fare is available on another date. Remember folks, being flexible by just a day or two can really save you a ton.