Check Singapore Airlines first

Here's a good example of why there must be an to protect airfare consumers! And why those other fare alert, fare listing, fare comparison, and fare what-have-you sites just don't cut it.

Let me assure you that we have no monetary relationship whatsoever with Singapore Airlines, but we encourage you to check their site when booking travel to Asia. Suppose you wanted to make a two week trip to Asia, using Singapore as your jumping off point, leaving Los Angeles August 1 and returning August 13.

Had you searched for that itinerary on Travelocity, Orbitz or Kayak, you'd see a lowest fare of around $1215 RT, but requiring two changes of plane, and who wants to do that, via Philippines Airlines. Orbitz listed a change of plane flight on Air China at $1275 RT. Orbitz didn't show Singapore Airlines at all (what's going on here? Are they having a tiff?)

But the best deal? a one-stopper at $1231 RT including tax on Singapore, with no change of planes, via Because other airfare comparison and alert sites rely on automated data feeds from ATPCO
and ITASoftware, they wouldn't have found this Singapore Airlines fare, which Singapore Airlines lists only on its own Web site.