Icelandair Summer Sale to Europe

Icelandair is having a sale on summer travel to Europe, from select cities. Valid travel dates vary according to departure city, so here’s a little run down: Boston from June 17 through August 19, Baltimore from July 1 through August 19, New York from June 16 through August 19, and Minneapolis from June 23 through August 19. How are the fares? Let’s see:

  • Boston to Reykjavik, advertised as $652. That comes to $739 round-trip, which we found departing Monday June 18 and returning Wednesday June 25. We checked Orbitz too and, again, found the advertised fare of $652, which comes to $749 with taxes and booking fee.

  • Baltimore to Stockholm, advertised as $850. That’s $927 with taxes, a fare we found on July 8 through July 15, and available on several other dates throughout July. We checked these dates on Orbitz and found a fare of $977 round-trip on Continental.

  • Minneapolis to Bergen, advertised as $880. The best we saw was $1320, for June 23 through June 30, which is far better than the $9,044 fares dominating the flexible-search calendar for this route. Meanwhile, back at Orbitz, the best available fare for this trip is $1,580 round-trip on Northwest.

  • Minneapolis to Stockholm, advertised as $880. The lowest fare was $1,167 round-trip, which was available for travel from June 26 through July 7, and on 2 other dates between June 23 and July 7. Continental actually had the best deal for these dates on Orbitz, but just barely, at $1,142 round-trip.

  • New York to Munich, advertised as $870. Searching for travel on June 16 through June 24, we found $951 round-trip. On Orbitz, the lowest fare listed for these dates was $967 round-trip on American Airlines.

  • New York to Copenhagen, advertised as $880. Icelandair lists their lowest fare as $877 round-trip, for travel from June 16 through June 24. In fact, this fare seems to be readily available throughout the month. According to Orbitz, Continental has the lowest fare at $988 round-trip.