Spirit Airlines 8 cent and $8 flights to Honduras from Ft. Lauderdale

This sale ends today, Friday April 27, at midnight. As is frequently the case, you must travel on very specific days to get the 8 cent fares, and taxes boost the final price considerably, but they're still deals if you can find them.

Only problem is, we can't seem to find them. All we can find are $88 each way fares, which, however, are still pretty good fares.

Outbound, the fare rules state that you must leave on six dates in September for the 8 cent fares, and return six dates in September. For the $8 fares, leave five days in July and one in August, and return six days in August. Effectively, for the $8 fares you've got to stay in Honduras for a minimum of 16 days, which isn't a typical vacation stay for most folks. But the 8 centers allow you stay from one to 21 days. However, again, the lower fares seem to be gone.