Two more great business class deals to London

The all-business-class airlines that fly between New York and London's smaller airports are out doing themselves to win your business.

EOS Airlines has a two-for-one offer that expires by end of day (EST) Friday. This is not the best deal they've ever offered, once you read the fine print. The lowest qualifying fare for the purchased ticket is $5200 round-trip plus tax, so you're looking at $2600 round-trip per person, plus taxes and certain fees. Still, travel can take place any time between now and January 31, 2008, with a seven-day advance purchase. EOS flies into London Stansted, which is an easier airport to navigate (shorter security lines, shorter taxiing to and from the runways, etc.) than Heathrow.

Over at Silverjet, they're offering 50% off the cost of a one-way flight between Newark and London's Luton Airport. To qualify, you need to submit a registration giving details of your membership in another airline's frequent flyer program, along with your membership number and status level (silver, gold, etc.). You must book your discounted flight before May 25 and begin travel before December 31. You must buy a round-trip ticket. Starting July 2, Silverjet will fly twice a day between Newark and London. Silverjet is less expensive than EOS however, at as little as $1800 round-trip plus taxes of about $154. So with this offer, you're looking at, let's see here, $900 plus $450 plus $154 plus $154--calculators please!-- $1656 all-in, not a bad deal at all. Both airlines offer fully lie-flat seats.