Air New Zealand Sale

Air New Zealand is having a sale from Los Angeles to Auckland for $798 round-trip, which includes a stop over in the South Pacific. This fare is good for departures from April 1 through May 7, and passengers have the choice of stopping over in either Fiji or the Cook Islands. For travel from June 1 through June 30, this fare increases to $983 round-trip, which still includes the passenger's choice of either Fiji or the Cook Islands.

Leaving Los Angeles for Fiji on April 25, then on to Auckland on May 2, and returning to Los Angeles on May 9, we were able to find a fare of $618 round-trip. Add in the taxes and surcharges and you're at $880 round-trip. Booking the same trip on the exact same dates on Orbitz will end up costing you $1,372 with Air New Zealand, the lowest fare listed.

Air New Zealand also has an Explore More of New Zealand sale to Auckland from Los Angeles, and San Francisco for $866 round-trip, which includes travel to two additional cities within New Zealand. This offer is also extended to Honolulu departures for $814 round-trip. Qantas is matching this more or less with a fare, for example, of $863 round-trip including tax LA-Auckland and $877 round-trip San Francisco to Auckland

The available dates for this fare could leave you spending up to 5 days or so in each city, which is great for those who have the time. You may also find it difficult to string together a complete itinerary, as we did. There were no available flights from Auckland back to the US, which could very well be a glitch in their site. For those who couldn't be bothered in the slightest with actually returning home, well then, this could very well be the deal for you.