Qantas Sale to Australia

Qantas Airways is having a sale on travel from May 7 through May 29 to select destinations in Australia. This sale is also valid for travel from April 2 through May 6, as well as May 30 through June 3 and July 24 through September 21, for an additional $100.

For $200 more, you can travel from June 4 through June 11. And if those dates don't work for you, tack on an additional $300 for travel between July 14 and July 23.

  • New York to Melbourne: Using May 18 through May 30 as our dates of travel, we found a fare of $1368 round-trip. The best price we found on ITAsoftware for the exact same trip, including the layover in Los Angeles, was $2027, also on Qantas. Even the lower fare listed on ITAsoftware , including two layovers, comes to $1,381 on Qantas.

  • Denver to Sydney: On Qantas, Denver to Sydney from May 3 through May 13 comes to $1,432 round-trip, including taxes. We searched the same dates on ITAsoftware and came up with a fare of $1,392 on United Airlines.

  • Chicago to Sydney: We found $1,387 round-trip on, traveling from May 30 through June 12. These same dates on ITAsoftware show us that United has a fare of $1,364 round-trip.

  • St Louis to Brisbane: On, we found $1,400 for travel through May 14 through May 23. The lowest fare we found for this trip on ITAsoftware, including the layover in Los Angeles, is $1,781, also on Qantas. Even if you're willing to tack on another layover to save money, the lowest fare is $1,478, again on Qantas. So if you're traveling from St Louis, save yourself the unnecessary second layover and the $78 by booking directly on the Qantas website.

  • Dallas/Ft Worth to Sydney: By searching on Qantas, we found a fare of $1,282, traveling from June 1 through June 10. The lowest fare listed on ITAsoftware on these dates is $1,342 on United.

United and Qantas seem to be pretty neck-and-neck on fares for these routes, with a few exceptions. The difference in price is a slight one, so you may wish to base your decision on airline preference here. Or, for the die-hard thrift, pocket the $40 bucks and put it towards all those boomerang souvenirs you'll be buying. This deal expires April 13, so get a move on.