Super Cheap Biz-Class Flights Are Now on Sale

Without much fanfare, new all-business-class airline La Compagnie is up and running, with five weekly roundtrip flights between Newark and Paris/DeGaulle. And, at least so far, blow-your-mind promotional prices are still available:

The initial promotion, $2,011 roundtrip for two people, is available for at least some flights—for at least another month. In mid-September, the fares increase to $3,721 for two, which is still a good deal at $1,861 per person.

One-person fares through August start at $1,376, then increase to $1,861.

La Compagnie flies 757s with 74 angle-flat seats and the usual lavish business-class meal service and wine list. The product is probably not quite on a par with OpenSkies' fully lie-flat bed seats, but, at least so far, OpenSkies hasn't matched La Compagnie's fares.

How good are these deals? I ran a test search, and the best regular economy nonstop fares for late August on other airlines start at around $1,164 per person. So, at least for a month, La Compagnie is a total no-brainer for a couple: Business class for less then the price of cattle-car economy. It's even a good ongoing deal, at least for a few more months, for couples and singles.

Flights operate both ways on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The schedule is the usual transatlantic: red-eye overnight to Europe, daytime return. The main drawback is the late departure from Newark  at 9:45 PM; that's a bit too late for a lavish meal service when you want to start adjusting to European time.   

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