American Airlines Fees & Policies

Booking fees: Phone: $25
In person: $20-$35
Change fees: Advance: $75-$150
Same day confirmed: $75
Carry-on bags: $0
1st Checked bag: $25
2nd Checked bag: $35
Additional bags: $150
Overweight bags: 51-70 lbs: $100
71-100 lbs: $200
Oversized bags (L+W+H): 63+ in: $200
Advanced seat selection: Standard seats: $0
Preferred seats: $4-$99/segment
Premium seats and/or perks: Main Cabin Extra (includes extra legroom and priority boarding): $8-$118/segment
Unaccompanied minors (double for RT): $100 (nonstop or direct only)
Pets (double for RT): Cabin: $125
Cargo: $175
Food and drinks (alcoholic or premium): Food: $4-$10
Drinks: $6-$7

Check-in Policy

American offers many options for check-in, including; ticket counter, curbside, self-service, online and mobile. There is also priority check-in available via a program called PriorityAAccess, offered to customers in first-and business-class, passengers with full-fare coach tickets, and top members of AAdvantage frequent-flier and Oneworld alliance programs.

Curbside check-in is available for passengers who have used online check-in or have electronic tickets regardless of whether they have seats. Curbside check-in allows passengers to check bags and skip the ticket counter, going directly to the security checkpoint.

Online check-in is available up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure. It ends one hour before departure. To check-in for an American Airlines flight, visit the American Airlines website. You must have a confirmed reservation on American Airlines, American Eagle or American Connection, or with a carrier that has a domestic electronic agreement with the airline (the first flight of your itinerary must also be with one of these airlines, or with British Airways or Iberia). You must be traveling in a group of less than 10 people.

If you plan to use mobile check-in, check-in online (either desktop or mobile), and choose “Email for use on Cell Phone or other Mobile Device” as the check-in option. You should receive an email from the airline after checking-in. View this email on your mobile device and retrieve the Mobile Boarding Pass. When you arrive at security, present them with the Mobile Boarding Pass saved on your phone. Make sure the barcode is visible.

Baggage Policy

Passengers on an American Airlines flight are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item (personal items include things like purses, backpacks or briefcases). Outer garments, pillows, blankets, newspapers/books, and assistive devices do not count against your personal device allowance. Carry-on luggage must fit in the provided storage bins and adhere to the following requirements;

Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 45 linear in/114 cm (length + width + height) and cannot exceed any of the following measurements: 22" long x 14" wide x 9" tall or 114cm (56 x 35 x 23 cm)

See our baggage fees chart for a full explanation of American Airlines fees for checked bags. In addition to these fees, certain equipment (such as surfboards and bicycles) will be charged a fix fee because of the nature of the equipment. American Airlines provides guidelines for special baggage.

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