Airline Fees Guide: United


Booking/Reservation Fees

Same-day change fee: Up to $75 per passenger, depending on MileagePlus status

Other change fees: Free to $1,000 per passenger, based on applicable fare rules

FareLock (hold reserved fare and purchase at later time): $6.99 to $14.99

Premier access (dedicated airport check-in lines, exclusive security lanes at select airports, and priority boarding): From $9 to $59 per segment

United agent reservation fee: $25 by phone, $30 at a city ticket office, and $35 at the airport

Economy Plus seating: $9 to $299 per person, per flight; $499 to $1,099 per person for subscription

Unaccompanied minor: $99 to $150 per minor, per direction

Upgrade during booking: Up to $9,999 per person, per flight

Upgrade during check-in: Up to $9,999 per person, per flight


Baggage Fees

Personal item: Free

First carry-on bag: Free

Checked bags: Checked-bag allowance varies depending on flight origin/destination locations, cabin, status level, military status, and date of purchase; 3 bags up to 70 pounds free for military and dependents on personal travel; 4 bags up to 70 pounds free for military and dependents flying on United Economy on official business; 5 bags up to 70 pounds free for military and dependents flying on United Global First, United Business First, United First, or United Business on official business

Checked-baggage subscription (you and up to 8 passengers on the same reservation can each check up to 2 standard bags per flight for free): From $349 to $999

Baggage delivery (baggage will be delivered from airport to your destination at home, hotel, office, etc.): From $29.95 to $109.95 per order

Excess bag: From $150 to $200 per bag (checked-bag allowance varies; see above)

Overweight bag (50 to 70 pounds): $100 to $200

Overweight bag (over 70 pounds): $400

Oversized bag (62 to 115 linear inches): $200

Special items (antlers, bicycles, dry ice, kiteboards, surfboards, vaulting poles, windsurfing sailboards, etc.): From $150 to $200

Carry-on pet fee: $125 per direction of travel


MileagePlus Frequent-Flyer Fees

Premier Accelerator (purchases count toward Premier qualifying miles balance): Up to 30 cents per mile

Award Accelerator (increased frequent-flyer mileage with more award miles): Up to 3.3 cents per mile

Buy award miles: 3.5 cents per mile

United Club membership: Up to $50 per person for one-time pass; from $400 to $500 per year, plus $50 initiation fee per person for membership; from $650 to $750 per year, plus $50 initiation for membership with spouse

Upgrade award co-pay: Up to $600 per person, per flight


In-Flight Fees

Wi-Fi Internet access (available on either a per-hour or per-flight basis, depending on the flight): $1 to $12.50 per hour; $3.99 to $29.95 per flight

DIRECTV: Up to $7.99

Alcoholic beverages: From $6.99 to $15.99

In-flight dining: From $3.29 to $9.99

In-flight telephone: $2.99 to $10 access fee, plus an additional $6 to $10 per minute


Miscellaneous Fees

Lost ticket: $150 per ticket

Trip insurance: $19 to $252


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